ristin Witzenburg is a professional publisher with expertise in the print and digital channels, radio and television. As CEO of Market and Sales Logic (MSL), she produced close to $20 million in media sales for creative partners and media brands, while providing added value to financial institution clients. She also launched Money Matters magazine, which grew to be one of the top 200 magazines in circulation in the US at 600,000 subscribers. She holds a Master of Science, Internet Marketing from Full Sail University, and in her spare time also provides digital marketing support to GET HELP, House of Hope Foundation, McMillen Family Foundation, and Fred Brown Recovery. Her primary areas of publishing work are in recovery, banking and law.

Ms. Witzenberg’s notable accomplishments:

  • Created a unique method of marketing that was filed for patent and used to help a group of credit unions work together to promote the credit union advantage.
  • Founder and CEO of Market and Sales Logic serving many of the largest community financial institutions.
  • Vice President of Marketing at financial institutions, worked in financial lobbying in DC.
  • Consultant to Union Bank of California and America Online in the launch of the first online banking center
  • Over 30 years marketing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree, Chemistry, University of Iowa (1988)
  • Master of Science degree, Internet Marketing, Full Sail University (2011)
  • Author and publisher of a variety of magazine articles, including Los Angeles magazine, and a publisher of millions of magazines, radio endorsements, television advertising, and newspaper special editions. Notables are an endorsement with Bill Handel of KFI, and partnerships with Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles magazine, a partnership with San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco magazine, and with Life magazine and Money magazine.