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Herb K. 12 Step Workshop

Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Orientation Orientation to This Twelve Step Workshop | Spirituality (44 minutes) Applying Each of the Twelve Steps to Our Personal Lives Each DVD describes an approach to personal application of each Step: using the precise methodology contained in the Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book” and experiencing measurable results.
  • Use of Set Aside prayer: pursuit of a new consciousness; having an open mind and heart.
  • Beginning a Meditation practice: how to approach powerlessness through a practice.
  • Understanding the Goal: a Spiritual Awakening
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Step One Step One An Experience of No Choice | Powerless (43 minutes) A Process of Conceding Defeat and Surrender
  • A process for having an experience of powerlessness with our addiction – both in our body (allergy) and our mind (obsession).
  • A process of understanding and experiencing “unmanageability” as the spiritual malady – our will is deficient; we are inherently self-centered.
  • A process not an event.
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Steps Two and Three Steps Two and Three an Experience of Choice | Power (44 minutes) Being Led Through a Process of Making Decisions
  • About Power – Step Two: our own concept of a Power other than ourselves.
  • For a relationship with Power – Step Three: our personal alignment with this Power in us.
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Step Four (Resentments) Step Four Moral Inventory | Resentments (47 minutes) Identification of the Obstacles in Us to Power
  • Overview of the entire process; use of the model of survival instincts – fight, flight, freeze.
  • Precise instructions for Resentment analysis: Identifying “beliefs;” our “shoulds.”
  • Prayer for removal of deep resentments.
  • Taking 100% responsibility for our feelings and our behavior.
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Step Four (Fear Sex Dishonesty) Step Four Moral Inventory | Fear Sex Dishonesty (36 minutes) Identifying More Obstacles to Power
  • Fear: why do we have it?
  • Sex: what are our operating guidelines?
  • Dishonesty: how do I misrepresent myself?
  • Secrets: how do I hide?
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Steps Five, Six and Seven Steps Five, Six and Seven Removing Our Obstacles to Power | Rite of Passage (39 minutes) Process of Accepting Responsibility
  • Revealing all of our Step Four to someone
  • Identifying and removing the obstacles in us to our relationship with Power
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Steps Eight and Nine Steps Eight and Nine Repairing the Damage | Forgiveness (42 minutes) Process of Releasing & Being Released
  • Making a list of harms we have done to others
  • Repairing the damage we have caused others
  • Forgiveness: a process of releasing them and being released
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Step Ten Step Ten – Achieving and Fostering Emotional Sobriety | Conscience (38 minutes) Practice of Personal Inventory
  • Spot check inventory – the formula for serenity
  • Emotional Sobriety – the approach and benefits of self-regulation
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Step Eleven Step Eleven – A Practical Approach to Improving Conscious Contact | Consciousness (59 minutes) Practice of Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Intentional Consciousness
Herb K. Twelve Step Workshop: Step Twelve Step Twelve – A Practical Approach to Enlarging Our Spiritual Life | Compassion (45 minutes) Practice of Principles
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Carrying this message
  • Sponsorship / Step-Guide
  • Practicing principles
  • Program of recovery
  • Promises of change
NOTE: These videos are also in the Emotional Sobriety Study Area.

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