Love Matters – Revealed | Zo Williams and Allen Berger, Ph.D.


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2-CD set   (NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW? BUY IT AT CDBABY)   Every now and again a recording catches a special performance. This is what happened at the recording studio in Van Nuys, California when Zo Williams and Dr. Berger sat down to record Love Matters - Revealed.   Their passion and knowledge filled this recording with penetrating insights, deep wisdom, and practical advice about relationships.   Zo and Dr. Berger will help you understand:
  • the dynamics operating in romantic relationships,
  • the effects of unreasonable expectations,
  • the balancing act that occurs between togetherness and individuality,
  • growing together in love,
  • that trouble doesn’t mean something is wrong in your relationship,
  • making adjustments at close range, and
  • when and how to leave a relationship (relationship dismount).
  If you want to make a good relationship better or if you are struggling with your connection to someone you care about, this program is for you.  
When Zo and I recorded Love Matters I looked over at him with a big smile on my face and stated, ‘Wow what we are discussing and the way we are discussing it is quite powerful!” He agreed. The synergy between us was remarkable, this is truly the case where the sum of the parts was greater than either part itself. Zo brought out the best in me and I brought out the best in him.   I am quite confident that you will find many gems in this program and that these CDs will continue to be meaningful for the rest of your life. As you change, and the circumstances change in your life, sections of this presentation will have more meaning for you than before.   This program is about discovering new possibilities. I truly hope that Zo and I have offered some new perspectives for you to experiment with and explore.

Allen Berger, PhD


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