Bill W. and Dr. Bob

A play written by Stephen Bergman and Janet Surrey

Dean Apple as Bill W. | Ron Young as Dr. Bob | Lee Riceas Lois Wilson | Linda Clavin as Ann Smith | Debbie Apple and Aaron Ortega in various roles

“Wonderful uplifting new play…a joyous drama of the triumph and survival of the humor spirit…filled with humor and grace.” -Examiner

“Top Cleveland Theatre Stories of 2010, Great Shows at the Cleveland Playhouse: Bill W and Dr. Bob. A sober but far from somber telling of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous…a surprisingly fun and funny play…an intimate, balanced and intoxicating portrayal of the teamwork and tensions between the men who took the first 12 steps together…a metaphor for the AA phenomenon: The light of truth shining through the testimony of one drunk’s experiences to another, a phenomenon that Bill W. and Dr. Bob makes sparkle.” -Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer

“The play deals with relationships…The playwrights, through the script, don’t attempt to teach, nor are they judgmental. They explore each man’s relationship with his wife, with each other and in the final scenes, their relationship with other alcoholics. You don’t have to be an alcoholic or a member of AA or Al-Anon to enjoy Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Bergman and Surrey have written a powerful script. The play begins and ends with an AA meeting’s traditional opening and closing. However, what happens between those brief scenes is mesmerizing drama…This is a good, strong story that is well written” –Talkin’ Broadway

“A deeply human, audience embracing tale.” -Variety

“One of the best plays of the year.” -San Diego Union Tribune

“Inspiring.” -Boston Globe

“The just-concluded theater season was the biggest at Cleveland Play House in more than a decade…it was the nightcap that put the Play House over the top: a production of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, a play about the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. The show sold more than six times the anticipated number of tickets, resulting in the venue’s biggest season finale in 20 years.” -Cleveland Scene

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